The Process

From wedding dress to angel gowns

Your dress will be photographed and if you have agreed, posted on our wedding dress donation fb album page with any acknowledgments you have included.

I am working my way through hundreds of beautiful donated wedding dresses. Each angel gown that is given to a family to dress their precious child is unique and lovingly made.

I encourage you to retain a portion of your dress before donating it. Cut off the sleeves or a nice embellished section. I can work around what you cut off. I am are not able to return a portion of your dress after I receive it.

Sometimes a donated wedding dress may be very soiled or it may have been stored so long the fabric or lace has started to deteriorate. I will do my best to use at least a section of satin, lace, buttons, beading or applique.

While looking through the angel gown albums on Facebook, you might see several names on one angel gown, suit or bunting. This just means that elements from several wedding dresses were used to created that little gown.

At least one angel gown, suit, bunting, hat, bonnet or blanket from each donated wedding dress will be posted to a fb album.

Miscellaneous items such as veils, under garments, slips, gloves, shoes, purses, and other items will usually be donated to another organization.

How long will it take…

There is not a time limit placed on how long it will take for any dress to be converted into angel gowns.

A donated dress might be transformed over an extended period of time and for this reason, I am no longer able to give an estimate of how long it will take to complete.

Front Range Angel Gowns is unable to return completed angel gowns made from your dress, to you.

How many angel gowns can we make from each dress…

Depending on the amount of fabric that is in your wedding dress, it could yield 2 to 24+ little outfits.

I will post at least one picture of an angel gown made from your dress.

Click Donated Wedding Dresses to see albums #1, #2 and #3 on our FB page.